Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Sight and Sound update

While working on the sight and sound update, we received a little surprise in the form of a custom explosives kit sent by Kandace. This kit will allow us to alter the explosives damage, range and taper. This will be very useful for balancing out all the explosives we use, such as the new rocket launcher systems we are working on now, and it will make mortars less of a dominator on the battlefield. I still want to experiment with shrapnel based explosives later but for now this will work very nicely.

As for our update...I am almost done with the sound part and it looks like there will be a total of 47 different sound effects. Below is a picture of them all organized for easy playback.

  • Red = firing sounds
  • Yellow = exploding sounds
  • Blue = engine/ambient sounds
  • Green = random ship noises
  • Orange = weapon operation
For now we plan to finish this update and include the changes to the explosives in it. Sometime during or after we will release the Wrath Exile ships.