Monday, February 7, 2011

Goblin update complete

The Goblin has officially been updated to the new control system and received some very nice upgrades in the process. For starters the tank now has a machine gun, so you can deal with infantry or other unarmored targets. Also included is a better light with a nice looking light beam.

Another nice addition is the commander's position. Whoever decides to be the pilot can now take the commander's position at the turret and can steer the tank effectively in mouselook. Just be warned that you will be vulnerable to explosives and small arms.

Below is the new HUD for the tank. The new dial control method allows for more finer control over the camera and weapon systems. We also included a gunners HUD as well, which has only the basic controls needed for gunners. Technically they can use the commanders HUD if they want but it's better for gunners to use a simpler HUD if they can.

The Goblin now also comes with BNWCS and can toggle between that and ICS. Switching to BNWCS will turn ICS off and vice versa. We are new to BNWCS so not sure how well the HP value stacks up with other vehicles, but that is what we have updates for.