Friday, August 28, 2009

INS Right to Rule: Capital ship of the Imperial Navy of Steeltopia

We have finished construction of the INS Right to Rule, and it is without a doubt our most impressive ship to date...

NAME: INS Right to Rule
BUILDER: Murakami Steamworks
TONNAGE: 8993 tons
DIMENSIONS: Length 50m. Beam 12m. Draft 14m
ARMOR: 2000HP combat core
ARMAMENT: 4x E.Heavy gun. 4x V.Heavy gun

She is also equipped with a fireworks launch system shown below...

And in the national colors too!

To understand just how big this ship is, here are some shots of her in formation with her sister ships Miranda, Defiant and Redemption...all vessels unique to the Steeltopian Navy

With this juggernaut complete the stalwart nation of Steeltopia can truly call itself a naval power!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Last batch of ships planned out

Summer is almost over and we plan to get the last batch of ships out so we can work on all the other neat stuff we have planned. The Steeltopian commission that we are currently working on is almost complete (more details on that when it's released). After that we have the troop transport which after some thought I have decided to change a bit. It will be fairly small, about twice the size of a torpedo boat and will carry between 5-6 people. I was originally planning to make a giant sidewheeler that could deploy rowboats, but I like this idea better. It will be agile and have good speed, and because it has an open top you can simply beach the ship and jump out. Great for quickly getting marines deployed.

Next is the Wrath Exile's line of ships, which will be quite different from the other types of ships available. Below are some pictures that Commodore O'Toole sent me in regards to the styling he would like for these ships... (note the number of cannons)

So basically, these ships will have an ungodly amount of firepower at their disposal. The central theme of these ships would be "glass cannon", meaning they would have a very high damage output but would also be rather vulnerable themselves. The ships would be rusty and have exposed machinery near the stern, so a direct hit on those parts would mean double or triple damage to the ship (don't let ships sneak up behind you!). We may also include the ability to temporarily boost engine and have it go 20 knots for a short amount of time. The trade off would be that this damages the engines and eats much more fuel.

The last ship will be an exploration sub, one that uses the Fiskdale hull we had to scrap due to the weapons system not working right. It will be made much bigger, and the internals of the ship will be much more detailed like the Auriga. In fact this ship is really a successor to the Auriga, with the ability to seat several passengers. I plan on adding some more features to this ship however, such as....

  • working searchlights that can be toggled on/off as well as move up/down and left/right
  • working hatch on top so people can jump in and out of the ship
  • have the ability to apply your own logo on the sides of the hull
  • ability to deploy and pick up divers by way of a second hatch on the bottom of the hull

Not entirely sure if I will be able to get to the Fiskdale in time, but I will definitely try.