Monday, June 27, 2011

USS line officially updated

All of our USS series is now updated to use all the improvements we have developed so far. These include...

  • Dial controls for all weapons and cameras allowing for 360° of turret and camera rotation
  • Eject button allowing crew to exit vehicle safely
  • Engines now have a simplified system of SLOW,HALF, FULL speeds reducing key presses needed to get to full speed
  • Flagpoles and other prims that obstruct firing are now phantom making it safer for ships like the USS Passaic to fire forward
  • Steam whistle added and activated by pressing UP or E
  • Ability to cut engine power by pressing DOWN or C
  • Arm/Disarm feature has been removed, ships are now armed at all times
  • Wake effect added for forward and reverse movements
We have a medium-class airship coming next to accompany our heavy Fafnir ship. After that the MSS Tyrann and MSS Fishkill will get a huge overhaul both visually and how they operate.

Also Sidney Arctor has finally released his destroyable ICS cannons and is donating all the proceeds to Relay for Life.

These cannons are a huge improvement over our ICS artillery, featuring dial controls for rotation and angling and awesome death & damage effects. It also scans to see if people are close and won't fire or repair unless you are close enough. You can find them here and I suggest you take advantage of this offer as he is offering both cannons and bunkers as a set for this event.