Thursday, April 3, 2008

Havok 4 and Flags, tweaks and awesomeness abound!

So, Linden Lab, makers of Second Life recently busted out a really special update, changing the physics backend to Havok 4. What does this mean to you, revenue (I meant customers!)?  Firstly, it means we will need to tweak all the ships to move correctly under the new setup.  As noticed, they go really fast now.  Secondly, flexi-prims can be attached to physical objects.  So what does that mean, mr. mechanic?  It means we will be adding totally awesome flexible flags to all our ships!  All the ships will be updated to have two flags, a larger top-flag, and beneath it, a pennant flag.  Each flag will have four choices of texture, choosable by hud, and editable by you, the user.  The top-flag is meant to indicate such things as what country you hail from, and whether you are at a state of combat.  The pennant will indicate things such as what system (ICS of course!) and other things, such as being AFk and the like.  Adding to the total awesomeness of this, we are adding in a number of other assorted tweaks and awesome fixes.  So keep those cannons thundering and ready yourself for the big 6.0 update!

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