Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The new ships are rolling out

The third generation of ships have arrived. We now have three new ironclads for sale and they improve greatly on previous designs. The MSS Tyrann, MSS Kotetsu and MSS Lavanco can all be purchased at our shop as well as SL Exchange. These ships and the ones that follow will not be of historical design. We found that can be a bit limiting in terms of creativity, although in the future after we get a good number of 3rd gen ships released we may go back and remake some of our historical models.

So now with all the groundwork out of the way, ships will take far less time to complete. In fact we have already started on the next batch of ships. The MSS Holland, MSS Fiskdale, and MSS Sturbridge (we seem to always release our ships in sets of 3...not sure why that is). These will be submarines that will be armed with torpedo launchers as well as a unique secondary weapon. The MSS Holland will have a pair of machine guns that can be utilized against ships and aircraft. The MSS Fiskdale will have a set of depth charges that it can deploy, great for ambushing both surface vessels and submersibles. The MSS Sturbridge will have a large dorsal cannon it can use when it surfaces.

Here are some pre-textured designs of the MSS Holland and MSS Sturbridge.

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