Monday, December 8, 2008

Breakthrough in turret development!

In the bowels of the shop, a special ship is being developed -- the MSS Cerberus, of British and Australian fame. Thanks to Mr.Scaggs for the inspiration to make such a vessel.

This ship has two turrets and each turret has two cannons which do a neat retract and rotate animation while also allowing individual fire control (one barrel? both barrels? you decide!). This is a major improvement and was a giant hurdle for us for quite some time...You only need to look at our older monitor class ships to see that it was quite difficult at the time to get something that complex set up. It is also the reason why we have not developed any REAL double cannon turrets until now, so expect us to make use of this technology in future builds.

On further note, with the 2.1 release of the Ironclad Combat System, expect updates to all ships sooner or later. For future reference, the seas are not always exploding on the surface...

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