Monday, May 4, 2009

USS Queen of the West and some Artillery

Well I finally finished tweaking every single ship model (USS, CSS, MSS, INS, SNS) and am now working on extra stuff while I wait for MrBunwah to work his script magic and get everything updated for ICS3. I got a request for an Ellet ram a while back and decided to take a shot at it. It turned out to be quite an easy job, and I picked the USS Queen of the West as the Ellet ram of choice. It was a logical choice considering the relationship it has with some of our other ships. Below is a picture of it completed.

It will be a lighter ship, roughly 500HP and have a max speed of 10 knots. This will even out the USS/CSS ships a bit as the confederate side always had more ships.

And with that done, I needed something else to do. So I made 6 different artillery pieces, 3 cannons and 3 mortars. The cannons come in Medium, Heavy and Very Heavy variety. The Mortars come in Light, Medium and Heavy flavors. Below is a picture of some of them.

The mortars will be able to rotate 360 degrees and angle their shots. The cannons can change angle too, but they do not have as wide a range for rotation. Not sure how these will be controlled, though I'm aiming for a hudless method if at all possible.

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