Monday, June 22, 2009

SNS and INS updated

The SNS and INS ships have now been fully updated to ICS3.0. Now that we have everything worked out the rest of the ships will come quickly. We are going to update the MSS ships next, followed by the historical USS/CSS models. We will not however be releasing any submarines during these updates. Those still need to be rescripted but these will come shortly after the rest as most of the scripting is done for these already. Below is our current roadmap...

1. Update MSS series ships

2. Update USS/CSS series ships.

3. Update and implement submarines

4. I want to balance out the mortars. Currently they are a bit overpowered and tend to dominate any match. I plan to reduce their range and accuracy. This will require some testing.

5. If the MMCS combat system proves to be worthy of our infantry battles, we may implement the scripts into ICS rounds so that way ships can fire on infantry.

6. After all that, we will most likely stop making ships for awhile and work on other ICS projects, such as flak guns for anti-aircraft roles, destructible buildings, floating repair/refuel stations, underwater mines etc etc. We also may start on land and air vehicles.

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Anonymous said...

What if one were to have an airship that has a runway on the roof......for planes, and a possible spire for airships......I have such a ship that I already sell, but its got around 60 prims so it dosnt move. I've been working on adding the ics systems to it so it can deal out fuel and anything else one might want to do to it!......also, I have an artillery airship, both at the Quay market, New Babbage...along with those there are 2 boats but there on slx. the airships and boats are mod/copy

Have a good one

InquisitorLordKain Exonar