Friday, August 28, 2009

INS Right to Rule: Capital ship of the Imperial Navy of Steeltopia

We have finished construction of the INS Right to Rule, and it is without a doubt our most impressive ship to date...

NAME: INS Right to Rule
BUILDER: Murakami Steamworks
TONNAGE: 8993 tons
DIMENSIONS: Length 50m. Beam 12m. Draft 14m
ARMOR: 2000HP combat core
ARMAMENT: 4x E.Heavy gun. 4x V.Heavy gun

She is also equipped with a fireworks launch system shown below...

And in the national colors too!

To understand just how big this ship is, here are some shots of her in formation with her sister ships Miranda, Defiant and Redemption...all vessels unique to the Steeltopian Navy

With this juggernaut complete the stalwart nation of Steeltopia can truly call itself a naval power!

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