Saturday, March 6, 2010


Murakami Steamworks is moving its offices to Steeltopia, setting up shop in the new sim that will be coming soon. I believe the name of it is Pythagoras Airbase but it may change before it is officially set. The reason for this change is that Cape Wrath is starting to get crowded, with new islands popping up in front of our office. It takes a while to render everything due to the many houses surrounding ours, and while we like to have a location in a nice high traffic area we really need more room to breath and a good amount of water to play in.

The sim we will be moving into will be very open, with half of it being water. The other half will be a giant airbase for the Steeltopian Airforce, so that will be interesting. The nice part about this location is it serves as a home base as well as a sandbox as before we could not really test out our ships at our home location, having to teleport somewhere with enough water first. It also allows us to build our dream home that we have been craving for so long...a floating house in the middle of the sea. Once we finish construction of the shop we will post pictures (and yes, there will be plenty of breakable glass in our new office).

As for our updates, expect to have them finished during the end of spring break. That should give us enough time to update the 40+ items we have in our catalogue.

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Drew Bolton said...

Hi there... I have been hearing a lot about this ICS system, from fellow aviation enthusiasts, sub enthusiasts and of course fellow builders. Most notably my buddies at both Pirate Air and Wilder Skies. Long story short, I am finishing up a lockheed S-3 Viking with torpedo capability and am very interested in incorporating ICS into my build and future builds. How to i go about doing so? Contact me either in world as Belenos Stardust, or email.