Friday, December 24, 2010

Fafnir Complete

Murakami Steamworks first airship is now available at our shop. Many weeks went into this ship and now that it is complete all the new advancements it received will trickle down to all our other vehicles in the coming weeks as we slowly update everything.

Next on our list is the Goblin light tank which is getting a massive overhaul. In addition to the weapon and camera control improvements from the Fafnir, it will also be getting a machine gun installed on the turret for taking care of infantry. It will also be able to hold a third crew member who will take position at the turret hatch, such as a tank commander would. This makes driving in mouselook very fun, but on the flipside you will be exposed to enemy fire. Should be interesting...

For those curious what our roadmap is currently...

1. Complete Goblin overhaul (75% done)
2. Update artillery and AA guns to new dial controls and to re-balance them. -not started
3. Updated Miniclads game for sale (25% done)
4. Wyvern fighter plane (needs to float on pontoons correctly, 60% done)
5. Update naval vessels to use new Fafnir technology (huge update) -not started
6. Ammo swap system for all combat vehicles (shot, shell, grapeshot) -not started