Monday, September 22, 2008

Ironclad Game for Burning Life

So several days ago me and MrBunwah got a request by Mr.Otoole to help him with a little project he has planned for Burning Life this year. It involves a roughly 20x20 meter pool of water in which four people can battle with toy ironclads that would be radio controlled. It is pretty much done, so if anyone would like to try it out, it is located here. Look for the vendors on the sides to get your special HUD and instructions. If you have ever been in an ironclad fight with ICS, it is basically the same thing except with a fixed camera. that this is done, I can continue working on the casemates. I already have a small one complete and with all the groundwork laid out the other two casemates will be a breeze, I just need to do the primwork for the medium and large types. Also, they will come with the ability to angle the cannons a few degrees up and down just like the last set, so they should be able to hold their own against subs and monitor type ships.

Also still waiting for ICS 2.1, but from what I am hearing it will be well worth the wait. After that is released we can balance out the submarine weapons and release those.

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