Monday, September 29, 2008

Script Permission Problems

We have discovered a, erm, uh, "feature" of the Burning Life parcel permissions system that gravely effects the Radio Controlled Ironclads at our parcel in Data, Burning Life. Gleefully, we reported success last week, and posted a few HOW TO videos, anticipating people showing up and playing with ironclads and having a good time... and that's the way it worked out, initially. That's when I started to notice that boats weren't working for people who are not members of the SL Group BURNING LIFE. Since everyone who tested it was in BL already, we didn't make this connection until BL opened for business. Then we discovered that the little boats just don't go for people without Burning Life tags over their heads. A couple of inquiries later, we discovered that the Public may not use parcel scripts in Burning Life parcels. Thus, even though the option appears to be checked in the land menu, I can't change it or mod it in any way. Apparently this policy is to prevent griefing. I have gone back and forth with a couple of the CORE people, as has MrBunwah, and the results were always the same... so if you want to play, and have a group open to play with, joing BURNING LIFE group. Otherwise, I apologize, but our intentions for this build could not be realized.

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