Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Anti-Aircraft Gun

Finished modeling a nice AA gun for dealing with pesky airships. The design is modular meaning I can remove the long barreled cannon and replace it with a gatling gun which I will most likely do as another variant. The whole thing is only 42 prims which is pretty nice considering our other artillery pieces are around 35 prims.

The control mechanism for this gun will be a bit different in that there will be no HUD or buttons to press. You use the keyboard controls to move and fire the gun. This will make it a bit easier to get a bead on aircraft and it will also force the user to remain stationary, unlike the other guns where the user can run around and operate the gun from 20 meters away. Hopefully if this works out we can use the same method for the other artillery pieces.

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Anonymous said...

Hotchkiss Rotating Cannon

Well-known to Space:1889 players, but rather poorly documented on the web. There were versions in several calibres, up to 6-pounder, and users included the US Navy.

It might be a better inspiration than a Gatling for that multi-barrel AA piece. Historically, it was a defence against torpedo boats. Like the Vickers 2-pounder guns that the Royal Navy used in WW2, it suffered from a lack of tracer ammunition.